The Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence develops unusual applications of artistic intelligence for society.

The Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence is a new kind of artistic and social R&D organization, focused on artistic experiments led by professional artists, to creatively produce new ways of framing, training for, and solving complex social and public problems.

We pursue social and public innovation by centering artistic ways of knowing and doing. We emphasize artistic methods.

We offer The Imagination Audit for government, social organizations, community groups, and new teams interested in the artist’s perspective on how to improve your innovation efforts through creativity, imagination, and artistic intelligence.

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Current projects:

Since 2016, we have been working with newcomers to Canada, looking at what Art has to offer Immigration. We have conducted multiple research activities – through practice, literature review, surveys, and in-depth interviews.

Beginning this fall 2019, our theories are being put to the test with two new cohorts of newcomer professionals.

Our research and experiments will culminate in a public exhibition with major partners in 2020.

Made possible with support from Canada Council for the Arts, Luminato Festival, Centre for Social Innovation, and T.O. Live.

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