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Exploring The Imagination Audit for public servants.

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Exploring The Imagination Audit for public servants.

Cooper Hewitt Design Museum

Interaction Lab

The Interaction Lab at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum is reimagining the museum experience for the 21st century. The Digital Interaction Lab is bringing interactive design methodology to the very heart of Cooper Hewitt’s visitor experience—across digital, physical, and human interactions.

Rachel Ginsberg, Director of Interaction at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum is in co-residence with the Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence. She is framing a specific problem or issue area for the Laboratory to consider. We are framing provocations for her work in designing extraordinary museum interpretation strategies for the contemporary public. 

As a multidisciplinary strategist, Ginsberg interrogates and bridges the space between brand and experience. Ginsberg is a member of Columbia University School of the Arts’ Digital Storytelling Lab, where she helps to design frameworks merging storytelling, education, collaborative practice, and emerging technology, used to address pressing global challenges. She supports the Lab in transforming prototypes into methodologies suitable to be deployed by changemakers and practitioners all over the world.

Harvard Global Health Institute

Open Source Pharma Foundation

Jaykumar Menon, Senior Fellow at the Harvard Global Health Institute is a thinker-in-residence with the Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence. He is framing an issue area for the Laboratory to consider. 

A founder of the Open Source Pharma Foundation, Menon is an international human rights lawyer working at the intersection of human rights and global health. Menon leads the Open Source Pharma which generates affordable new cures in areas of great health need, and The India Nutrition Initiative, which is developing “DFS”, a salt that is double-fortified with iron and iodine, to address malnutrition caused by iron deficiency.

University of Arizona

Astronomy Department

Dr. Gurtina Besla (’The Besla’) is a world expert in the study of the closest example of an interacting pair of dwarf galaxies, the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. Readily seen by the naked eye in the southern hemisphere, the Magellanic Clouds are our Milky Way Galaxy's largest satellite galaxies. Dr. Besla's research on these galaxies has overturned conventional wisdom, illustrating that the Magellanic Clouds are likely recent interlopers in our neighborhood rather than long term companions to our Galaxy.

The Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence has been invited by Dr. Besla to teach the creative process to astronomers, and explore creative approaches to knowledge visualization and dissemination. Dr. Besla is interested in leveraging the Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence’s artistic methods to train students in the practice of making connections across conventional boundaries and theoretical frameworks. We will help young astronomers understand and (re)frame what they know, and how they know, as both analytical and creative thinkers.
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