Creative Morning Practice

Image by Nava Waxman

Mental health is physical health. We offer these morning sessions to connect, delight, enliven, infuse with joy, and help prevent and mitigate confinement and loneliness before it worsens.

Every Tues to Fri at 11AM ET daily
From April 14 to May 15, 2020
Enter the virtual studio here:

No registration or downloads required. But if you would like to receive a quick email reminder, you can schedule one here.

Your immune system and inner spirit will thank you!

“Through the movement of mind and body in a creative way, stress and anxiety can be relieved, and other health benefits can be achieved as well. [...] In all 4 areas of creative artistic expression reviewed here [music, visual arts, creative movement, expressive writing] there are clear indications that artistic engagement has significantly positive effects on health.”

American Journal of Public Health

Participants have been an eclectic and multicultural mix of entrepreneurs, professionals, newcomers, students, and cultural workers. We are an inclusive space for BIPOC, queer folk, and people who feel shy about English as their second (or third/fourth/fifth/etc) language.

Thank you to the artists and supporters that have made this COVID19 edition of the Creative Morning Practice possible: 


Alyssa Delbaere-Sawchuck 
Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sánchez
Captain Sumisha Shankar 
Claudia Arana 
Farah Fancy
lo bil 
Mark Campbell
Naishi Wang 
Nava Waxman 
Nikki Shaffeeullah
Ravyn Wngz
Sharada Eswar
Simone Johnson


Canada Council for the Arts
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