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Impact Evaluation for the Arts

A handout on how to meaningfully approach impact evaluation for the arts, prepared for workshop participants invited by the Kingston Arts Council.


How We Work

An overview of the Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence’s residency model. How we operate with whimsy, kindness, care, and professionalism to: prioritize people over projects and be led by artistic values and artistic intelligence to bend and broaden the public imagination - while positioning newcomers as the best collaborators for this work. Value propositions for society, newcomers, and the arts. 


Newcomer Inventions

A report on the Newcomer Inventions project as a semi-useful artistic construct for exploring social ideals and decent work opportunities for newcomers and artists. 


Generator and THE RISER Project: Sector Developers for Independent Theatre in Toronto.

A research and discussion paper on innovation in the arts, commissioned by Toronto Arts Foundation with the support of The Metcalf Foundation and Toronto Arts Council.

MARCH 2016

There’s an Art to It: Exploring Creative Evaluation

An article on creative approaches to evaluation, written for the Ontario Nonprofit Network’s sector-wide Evaluation Strategy initiative. 

JULY 2015

Rewilding the Arts Ecosystem: A discussion paper on multidisciplinarity in the arts in Canada

Commissioned by  the network of Canadian Public Arts Funders (CPAF) for an annual professional development meeting. 


A Tool for Collaborations

Developed out of a 2-year research residency with Dreamwalker Dance Company, this check-in tool helps guide the development of positive creative collaborations. 


Digital Marketing and Sponsorship Stewardship & Activation

A video learning series commissioned by the national campaign Culture Days to support artists and cultural and heritage organizations with best practices, tips, and strategies for digital marketing, and sponsorship stewardship and activation.
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