What is artistic intelligence?

SEPTEMBER 17, 2019
We’ve only just started using our new name, the Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence. Already the questions are rolling in. What does ‘artistic intelligence’ mean? Why a lab? What will we do?

Artistic intelligence refers to all the ways of knowing and doing that art and artists further.

Artistic intelligence is a system of capacities for perception, sensing, discernment, insight, activity, choice-making, and divergent synthesis that is developed by, and transcends beyond human intelligence.

Artistic intelligence includes embodied, inherited, and protected wisdoms — knowledge accumulated and transmitted through body, gift, and ritual.

The Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence develops unusual applications of ‘artistic intelligence’ for society — particularly in matters of public policy. Our multi-sectoral newcomers project is an example of this kind of unusual approach.

We believe, the development of artistic intelligence is as important for society as artificial intelligence.
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