Imagination Audit

What are ‘diverse ways of thinking?’

How can artistic intelligence help leaders produce innovative, imaginative ways of addressing ‘wicked problems’ or systemic issues?

Imagination is not one skill or muscle, but a system of capacities for perception, sensing, discernment, insight, activity, choice-making, and divergent synthesis. 

Artistic intelligence tells us how to develop, make room, and support imagination for positive outcomes.

The Imagination Audit is a modular process that includes: a presentation, discovery days, assessment tools, an audit report, design services, and training days.

It’s for anyone who wonders:

  • Are we making effective use of imagination in our work? 
  • Are we blocking imagination in our teams and in our work spaces? 
  • How is imagination related to design thinking?
  • Are sticky notes the answer?
  • How do artists think, and would artistic processes enable more possibilities in your work? 

Created by artist-researcher Helen Yung, the Imagination Audit draws on over 15 years of professional artistic practice, and 7 years of theory-informed, practice-based research in the relationship between art, the body, imagination, multiple intelligences, growth, and innovation.

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