It’s Happening Today!

The Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence and Luminato Festival Toronto present:

We go live today at 1pm! To watch our program together, join one of the rooms in our Watch Party. See the colourful buttons below, as well as room themes and who you’ll find in each room below that!

See you soon.

Technical difficulties? See our technical tips below.

Party Room: Clarity and Hope with Nava Waxman, Gloria Kanu, Ali Pourmand, and Khush Parekh. 

Studio 2: Reimagining Self, Stories, and Space with Sharada Eswar, Tom Kuo, Lana Tabba, Maikel Carrion, and Shuhe Wang.

Lounge: Post-Pandemic Work Scenarios for Immigrants with Claudia Arana, Gopi Chinnaraju, Rachel Robbins (TO Live partner), and Luis Sarabia.

Garden: Post-Pandemic Life in Canada for Immigrants with lo bil, Simone Branco, Daud Saskai, and Judie Plaza.

Facebook: Looking At The Numbers with Anita Agrawal, Naeem Ahmed, Sang Nguyen, and Kate Nankervis. 

Technical Tips

No registration required. Click on the colourful buttons above to join any of the rooms. Give permission to access your webcam and mic, and you will join the room.

We recommend using Chrome as the Whereby platform we are using seems to work best with the Chrome browser.

While you’re in the room hanging out with us, you can start Luminato’s livestream:

Cameras on or off, up to you. 

If you have used Zoom recently, we recommend quitting the Zoom app completely or even restarting your computer before joining the room, as Zoom’s software is not good at sharing the camera and microphone with others.

If your video is working but there’s no sound, or vice versa:

  1. Click on the gear icon in the upper righthand corner to access your settings. A window should pop up and let you select your correct input/output. 
  2. If your audio was working but suddenly stopped, try leaving the room and returning. Or just hit the page refresh button on your browser.
  3. If all else fails, try restarting your browser or computer.

It is recommended to write your first name and last initial or a distinctive alias when you log in, in case you would like to speak or ask a question, so that the host can manage the conversation more easily. “I see in the chat that we have a question from Jane D.” or “I saw your hand go up, Superwoman, let’s hear what you have to say.”

We recommend muting your mic when you are not speaking to avoid distracting background noise for everyone. If you want to temporarily unmute your mic to talk, press down on your keyboard’s spacebar, speak, and when done, release the spacebar. It’s like a walkie-talkie.

We also recommend using a headphone for audio clarity.

Have fun! Please be gentle and kind with one another. We never know what another person is going through. 
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