the channel ground(s) Opal

The Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence presents a special edition of Creative Practice with guest artist Simone Johnson. Based in NYC, Simone Johnson often creates works about and/or with water. For UTSC’s ACM students, Simone is sharing a new practice called the channel ground(s) Opal.

Simone Johnson

Wednesday March 17th and Friday March 19th at 11am

Opal is a water art project that focuses on the relationship between water, receptivity and processes of creating.

“I will guide participants through a series of conversation prompts around what we are needing, desiring, (re)imagining, dreaming and creating in our lives. People have the option of asking for other participant’s thoughts, ideas, questions, suggestions and feedback. We will end with a short water ritual.”

Simone Johnson is a process-based interdisciplinary artist. She has a background in urban agriculture, plant medicine, Teaching Artistry and performance art. In addition to her lifelong water art practice, in which she is currently researching the relationship between climate change and the ocean, algae, surrealism and the imagination, she is also slowly working on two long-term projects; Culinary Art House and Roots and Rainbow Bodies. Her work has been shown at Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Panoply Performance Lab, Center for Performance Research, New Women Space, Judson Church and the Martin E. Segal Theatre Center. Simone loves chewing ice, flowers, the sky, a good book, making art, going on walks, traveling, taking dance, movement and voice classes, libraries, listening to podcasts and watching animations, communal cooking, ginger, mangoes and chocolate. And visiting oceans and rivers and other water bodies whenever she can.

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    Thanks to the Department of Arts, Culture & Media for their residency support of the Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence in 2020-2021.

    Photo of Simone Johnson by Alyssa Rapp.